"A brand for the unconventional minds & the free spirited souls." 

A standout e-commerce store, founded in 2016 by the unlikeliest of protagonist Priyanshi is born out of the vision to make international trends accessible to fashion enthusiasts in India. 

As a women’s wear Fashion & Lifestyle brand, we are a curator of pieces ranging from Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, Home Decor, Stationery & much more at addictive prices and unbeatable quality, swamping you with an envious selection.

Prishie launches new collection every month, in keeping with the fast pace of this industry and eliminating the barriers of seasonal fashion.

We deliver affordable fashion to consumers who purchase our products and provide unmatched quality at a fair price. Prishie, as a brand brings international appeal with superior aesthetics to your doorstep.

We strive on establishing a relationship with each customer and, in turn, build a community. A community of unconventional and free spirited people individuals. Prishie is a refreshing break from the monotony of this industry and it is expanding its horizon a little more everyday to become the ultimate tool of self - expression.